MC Jonny T  Tidbits: 

Pro-Wrestling Fan & Podcaster (WWE and AEW) 

Chubby Chaser for life! 

Favorite Album: A Tribe Called Quest -Low-End Theory & Midnight Marauders  (It's a toss-up) 

Influenced by: Diamond D,  Fat Joe, EPMD, Talib Kweli, Hieroglyphics,  De la Soul,  Little Brother,  Drake, Roddy Rich,  Lionel Richie (that's not a mistake, LOL) 

I'm a rare recording artist who actually likes and understands the business of music. Nerdy dude, foodie, drug-free, average guy with above average aspirations.



X formerly Twitter: @MCJonnyT
Instagram: @MCJonnyT
TikTok: @MCJonnyT

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Biography -the long version

Jonny T is the oldest of twin brothers born in Compton, Ca and raised in Inglewood, Ca. He was raised in a single-parent household and excelled academically by remaining on honor roll during the middle school and high school years. It was in high school where Jonny T began his journey with the Hip Hop Culture and his relationship with rap music as an artist.  It was during his time as a college student at California State University, Fullerton where Jonny T developed the appreciation and knowledge of the business side of the music industry. 

Jonny T has an official discography that dates back to 2004. He released Square One independently during an era where label deals were still the ultimate goal for rappers. Square one is revered as a rare Hip Hop classic by the Japanese market. In 2005, he formed the Plumpah Humpah All Stars. He led the group to a record deal with UrbanDigital Records in 2006 where they joined then-label mates Master P & Romeo. The label released their full-length album The Workout in 2008. With Jonny T in control of marketing & promotions of the project, the group garnered the distinction of having been the first music video to air on MTV with a "plus-sized positive" focus on the beauty of women of size. The underrepresented group is still championed by Jonny T in some of his current content. 

Over the last 10 years, Jonny T has recorded and released songs with Island Def Jam Digital Distribution,  Bungalo Records, Universal Music Group, InGrooves, Sonorous Records and his own imprint -Phastlife Media Group (PLMG). He has been a rotating member of groups like Planet Swagger, an act responsible for the official anthem for the Los Angeles Clippers 2010-2011 season. 

Jonny T's record label Phastlife Media (PLMG) is touted as a celebration of Hip Hop & Plus-Size Culture. PLMG currently releases digital assets via The Orchard - a distribution and marketing company solely owned by Sony Music. Jonny T is currently releasing music with partner Lyric Richardson as part of the duo JTLR as well as a series of solo efforts. Jonny also has distribution arrangements with Universal Music Group and Equity Distribution. Keep your ears open for more music and moves from Jonny T.